There has been a huge increase in the number of sexual offence cases being prosecuted. Many of these cases gain a lot of publicity in the media. This has made an already sensitive area of law even more so, increasing the stigma for those accused and leaving people fearing how they would defend themselves against the allegations made.

At Reeds we have a proven record of defending people from all walks of life. We deal with investigations for sexual offences of all descriptions. These include:

We are a Legal 500 Tier 1 solicitors’ firm. Our team of solicitors are regularly sought out based on their established reputation for defending sexual allegations and securing acquittals for their clients in high profile cases.

To discuss your individual situation and requirements, contact our specialist sexual offence solicitors through the contact information on this page, or send an enquiry through our contact us page here.

Defending cases of a sexual nature requires a particular skill set and experience, not only in terms of case preparation and presentation but also in terms of client care. Those accused need to know that they have support, expert knowledge, and guidance, which our team provides at every stage in proceedings. We make it as easy as we can for you to talk openly and freely about difficult subject-matter, listening without judgement and letting you know what to expect, when to expect it and advising how best to approach it.


What is a sexual offence?

Sexual offence allegations include a range of offences. These include sexual assault, rape, or attempted rape, offences relating to illegal pornography, historic abuse cases and child sexual offences.

Offences can carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, and allegations of a sexual offence can have a stigma against them which may affect a person’s private and personal reputation. When investigated for a sexual offence, the police are required to specify clearly which offence you are being accused of.


What is the sexual offences Act 2003?

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 outlines the law around what constitutes as a sexual offence. The act covers both adult and child offences. Its aim is to consolidate previous legislation around sexual offences and to update and strengthen the law around specific offences.


What Cases do Reeds Solicitors Sexual Offence Solicitors Take?

Reeds Sexual Offence Solicitors have expertise in all facets of sexual offence cases. Cases are unique, so contacting one of our team is essential for accurate and practical advice for your situation. If you, or a family member or friend, have been arrested on allegations of a sexual offence, it is essential that you contact us immediately for legal advice.

If you would like further information about a specific sexual offence, many of the list below have specific pages dedicated to them. Consider reading over the page below which best reflects the allegations made.


Additionally, Reeds Solicitors have experts on court martial law. We have an excellent track record of representing Military Personnel on charges of sexual offences. If this relates to your case, please consider visiting our Military Personnel Assistance page here. An article on the same topic can be found here.



HOW CAN our sexual offence Solicitors HELP you with your case?

A ProActive Defence against sexual offence allegations

It is essential to receive legal advice early and take a proactive approach to your defence. This involves early investigation stage engagement with the officers and prosecution to draw their attention to evidence that supports the defence. This may include:

  • Text messages,
  • Emails and other forms of electronic communication
  • Social media evidence
  • CCTV
  • Medical evidence
  • Expert reports
  • Further witness details and witness statements

It may also include letters of representations to the officer on the weakness of the complaint against you. The aim of this pro-active early engagement is to demonstrate that the evidence is not strong, and the case should not be prosecuted. However, if the case is taken further, it ensures you are in the best position possible going forward.



It is vital that the right advice is given at the Police station – this will often be critical in determining the future progression of the case. Often sexual offences involve voluntary interviews or ‘re-interviews’, and it is important you are fully prepared for them as they could be used as evidence against you. Once again, early engagement with specialist sexual offences solicitor is necessary to put you in the best position possible.



Investigation stage engagement also includes letters of representations to the officer on the weakness of the complaint against you. The aim of this pro-active early engagement is to demonstrate that the evidence is not strong, and the case should not be prosecuted. However, if the case is taken further, it ensures you are in the best position possible going forward.


Post-Charge Engagement

If you are prosecuted for a sexual offence you will need to be in contact with a solicitor regularly, one that you can trust and you can comfortably discuss sensitive topics. We take detailed instructions in order to fully prepare your case.

It is important no stone is left unturned in preparation of your defence. Case preparation for sexual offences routinely involves the instruction of experts in the following expertise:

  • Forensic experts
  • DNA experts
  • Private investigators / Enquiry Agents
  • Digital forensic experts
  • Toxicologists
  • Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  • CCTV analysts / Enhancers

At Reeds Solicitors LLP we have extensive connections to the leading experts in the industry and regularly instruct them to help build your defence.


Crown Court Representation

Many Sexual offences are heard in the Crown Court due to the nature and seriousness of the offences. As such, in order to provide the highest level of representation a client is allocated a senior litigator and Counsel.


At Reeds we offer a unique service where clients have the choice of instructed in house senior counsel or independent counsel. We assist you every step of the way in ensuring you get the right representation for you. You will have regular contact with your counsel and litigator to ensure you are always kept up to date with the progression of your defence.


A Top-Tier Defence

For individuals that wish to instruct the highest level of representation, We also have extensive connections to well regarded Queens Counsel (Silk) to ensure you have a top tier defence at your disposal. Queens Counsel can work alongside us to write representations, skeleton arguments and disclosure documents in an attempt to prove your innocence before a matter gets to a court room. If it does proceed to a trial, you could not be in better hands.



If you have had the misfortune to have been accused of a sexual offence, do not hesitate to contact us. Provide us with your details, and we will contact you discreetly, as soon as possible.



What Our clients say about us


“Having never needed a solicitor, or the legal system. They were professional, courteous and responsive doing all the research and assisting me at every point. That was crucial to me in a very unsettling, turbulent period of my life. Absolute confidence in Scott Primer and would recommend to anyone in a similarly worrying situation, especially those who have never been involved in the legal system before.” Anon Google Review 2021


“I am so glad that I met Stuart Matthews to deal with my case. Nothing was too much trouble and the fact that he understood how I felt and what getting a favourable resolution meant to was highly appreciated. Thank you for getting me my win.” Anon Google Review 2021


“I want to express my sincere thanks to you [Selma Michli] for all your help and support with my case. I don’t know what I would have done without you. All your efforts made it possible for me to get back on my feet and get on with my life.
Thanks to your expertise and prowess, my case not only saw the light of the day, but was won. They served justice. Your dedication, attention to detail and diligence made this all possible. You and your colleague believed in me and my situation and did not leave my side, but remained steadfast through it all, even when it did not look promising.
I thank you so much for all your hard work and effort on my behalf. I appreciate your advice and counsel through this time. I pray God will bless you and your family. Again, thank you and let Oliver Mosley know how I appreciate him and all he did for me.”



Notable Cases

RvT (2021)

Scott Primmer of Reeds Solicitors LLP secures no further action for a student accused of rape.

Operation Nautical – Reeds are delighted to be able to report three more successes in defending ‘grooming ring’ allegations, following the extraordinary results in “Operation Nautical” 1 and 2. After a 3 month trial, ‘J’, represented by our Oxford based Head of Chambers and Lisa Wilding QC of Furnival Chambers, was unanimously acquitted of all charges.


RvM (2021)

Scott Primmer of Reeds Solicitors LLP secures No Further action for an Oxford University student accused of sexual assault. We also successfully defended him at his university disciplinary proceedings.


Anon (2020)

Reeds secure have secured acquittal for client facing offences. Our client faced a week-long trial on a 13-count indictment for historic sex offences including rape, assault by penetration, and sexual activity with a child

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