When a loved one dies your life can be turned upside down. If your loss is then complicated by the need for an Inquest to establish the cause of death, it can be simply overwhelming.  The Inquest hearing itself can be very daunting, taking place in a formal court room type setting; often with several witnesses giving evidence and complicated medical terms being used.

It can be very difficult to attend these hearings and listen to the sometimes distressing evidence from professional witnesses, never mind having to give evidence and compose yourself sufficiently to ask relevant questions of those involved. These are often important questions that will help you to understand your loss.

You may also have witnessed a death or been an innocent party to it, and in those circumstances you may be called to give evidence as a witness yourself. Often it can be daunting to attend as a witness, particularly when other parties have legal representation, and you are being questioned by expert legal representatives.

You may have initially been arrested in relation to potential involvement in a death – for instance if a road traffic collision contributed to the death and you were suspected of careless driving – adding to further concern and distress.

Reeds have acted for a number of bereaved families and witnesses who have been asked to give evidence, and can help you through this often difficult and complicated time. We can assist in exploring funding options and can provide affordable fixed fee quotes for preparation, review and analysis of the evidence and representation at the Hearing itself.

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