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The powers that the Court has to order the recovery and control of assets from fraudulent criminal activity are far-reaching and punitive. The impact of these measures can have severe consequences for an individual.  In addition to any sentence imposed by the Court for the offence itself, proceedings for confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 can effectively destroy a business, and cause huge financial problems for your family or dependents.  We believe that it is just as important for you to receive considered advice about these proceedings when they arise, as it is for any substantive offence.  Assumptions and presumptions tend to operate against the defendant and can be difficult to displace.

The law relating to confiscation and asset recovery is complex, and legally very technical.  These proceedings often require detailed analysis of financial records and the valuation of assets; combined with the strategic ability to look for and construct appropriate legal arguments which may seek to minimise the level of any order that the Court might make.

Our expert team of lawyers at Reeds have all the skills and experience necessary to give you the advice you need at an early stage, and to guide you through the process throughout.  We are specialists in forensically analysing each case to find the potential for argument; as well as robustly defending your interests in Court hearings and in negotiations with the prosecution.

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