All cases, from the smallest allegation of shoplifting through to the most serious fraud or violent offence, start in the Magistrates Court. For many however, the mere thought of attending the Magistrates Court can be very daunting, whatever the nature of the offence.  It may be the difference between avoiding the stigma of a criminal conviction or not.

At Reeds, we have a recognised and well-respected team who will ensure that you have the full benefit of quality representation and expertise in the field to guide you through every aspect of your case.  You can be assured that we will fight your corner whatever charge you face, and whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty.

A number of our Magistrates’ Court team are also qualified solicitor-advocates meaning they can also represent you in the Crown Court if necessary. Our clients therefore benefit not only through having access to a team with a wealth of experience, but also from a seamless service.

If you have received a summons or postal requisition to appear before the Magistrates Court, or if you have been charged by the Police, contact a member of our Magistrates Court team today.  Alternatively you can click here to give us your details, and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

Legal aid is available in certain circumstances in the Magistrates Court depending on your means and the allegation you face.  Our team will discuss your options with you, and if you don’t qualify will discuss your financial circumstances to ensure a competitive quote which is tailored to you.  Please see our Criminal Law Funding page for further information.


Fixed fees for motoring offences

In accordance with the Solicitors’ Regulatory Transparency Rules please read the following guidance on our fee structure click here.

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