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A crisis can occur to anyone at any time, and often when it is least expected.

Recommended Lawyer Legal 500Reeds Solicitors has a long history of dealing with very high-profile cases that attract significant media attention. This attention will often create difficulties which require careful management to mitigate risk and negative outcomes.

It is becoming increasingly important in crisis management to provide reputation solutions as part of any complete service package. Occasionally referred to as ‘trial by media’, the effects of publicity can ruin reputations, have a detrimental impact on a business and its brand, and devastate the personal lives of people in the public spotlight.

With the depth and breadth of experience within the firm, we are perfectly positioned to provide a bespoke interdisciplinary legal team that can manage any crisis our clients may face. This enables us to provide expert advice and support to both individuals and companies when they need it most.

We fight our clients’ corner in a tenacious yet discreet way; we are especially successful at early intervention and as such recommend contacting us soon as a potential crisis emerges. Our priority is always to achieve the earliest successful resolution possible, preventing a problem from turning into a crisis.

There are a range of services we can provide depending on the stage of the matter at hand.

If you are facing a crisis that requires advice, do not hesitate in speaking with us. Early intervention can assist in securing the best possible outcome. Contact us through our contact page here. Alternatively you can call us on 0333 240 7373 or send us an email at


Pre-Charge and Criminal Accusation

If we are instructed early, it could be possible to negotiate with police to prevent a public arrest.  We can then liaise with you and the police to help avoid unnecessary detention, and the collection of DNA, fingerprints and photographs.

Where possible your team of solicitors can work for the matter to be dropped without charge. Failing that, where appropriate we would seek a caution rather than charge.



Should you be charged with an offence, you will receive the expertise of our top tier Reputation and Crisis Management team to proactively prepare and undertake your defence. Our solicitors are known for their ingenuity and creativity and above all else our client care. We understand the pressure that such situations can put on an individual and their family. As such, once instructed, we are available at any time to provide advice, support and the benefit of our experience for you and your family.

In addition to our team of solicitors and partners, we have a close relationship with the highest quality award-winning barristers’ chambers in the country and will work with you to choose the best possible counsel for your case.

Our reach across the country means we have experience dealing with a wide variety of experts who we can call on to work on your case and provide you with the results you need.


Reputation Management

Reputation and Crisis Management may require more than expert legal assistance. Creating and providing a longer-term strategy with awareness of the media narrative can be just as important.

Whilst the solicitors are working on the details, our public relations and media experts can work alone or with your team to monitor any subsequent media attention. A media package will be crafted and ready to push out with an appropriate narrative. The more notice our reputation management team have, the more we can prepare to mitigate any negative stories in the press.

Where possible our media team will keep your crisis out of the headlines, and work to ensure that any reporting on the crisis is fair and accurate. When inaccurate or private information is published, we can discuss the options we have to take them down. We can also put measures in place to set the record straight.

Should it be necessary, our team will instruct a barrister from a pre-eminent specialist media and communications barristers’ chambers. Our team will work alongside them to prevent information from reaching the public domain whenever possible and remove it when necessary. Their team has particular expertise in the law of confidentiality, privacy, intellectual property and pre-publication injunctions, including close consideration of Articles 6 (fair hearing), 8 (privacy) and 10 (freedom of expression) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In conjunction with counsel, our Reputation Management team can minimise the risk of leaks and take any necessary steps to place injunctions on ‘leakers’ and potential publishers if necessary. This can help keep the press at bay and away from the door whilst your crisis is handled.

When public attention is unavoidable, we can provide media training and assistance to better equip you in handling the media and reporters, social media and potentially avoiding unwanted attention from the police.

Where you have been found not guilty of charges, or charges have been dismissed, it is important to remember that any media attention received remains on the internet.  To diminish any future issues arising from past news attention, our experts can start a ‘clean up’ campaign. They will work with media outlets and online publications to remove or edit existing content to ensure the correct representation of your situation.

It is sadly true that the media seizes on negative attention of public figures, yet seldom provides the same spotlight for positive news. Your positive result in court or dismissal is unlikely to receive the same attention that the initial furore did. To counter this, we instruct our experts to ensure your result receives as much media attention as possible. This provides a more balanced narrative on your search history timeline moving forward.


Protect Against Potential Crisis

We will take a proactive approach to any situation you wish to bring to us. Our reputation and crisis management team can provide advice and support to prevent potential future issues from arising.

Contact us through our contact page here. Alternatively you can call us on 0333 240 7373 or send us an email at


Reeds Solicitors’ Crisis and Reputation Management Solicitors

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