Oxford Legal Walk:

Oxford Legal Walk - Reeds Solicitors Team 2021Reeds Solicitors will be participating in the Oxford Legal Walk again this year.

The 10km charity walk is on Monday 16th May from 5pm, and has a new route this year (which includes Christ Church meadow, up to Iffley and back down the river before finishing off the Abingdon road) so it will keep it fresh!

Please consider donating to help us reach our goal of £500.

Here is the link to the fundraising page – please consider sharing it far and wide on your social media to help us reach our £500 target:

Of our team, joining us on the walk will be Jo Fever, Stuart Matthews, Judy Matthews, Anne Davies, Lisa Chapman, Rod Fowler, James Ferry, Kate Macnab & Holly Daykin.


Paul Southwood Is fundraising for Stonewall:

Edit: This Fundraiser is completed – Paul ran a total of 63km (just under 40miles) during March. He raised £150 for Stonewall. If you would like to donate, please consider doing so. The links will be left live until end of April.

Please consider donating to Stonewall, follow the link here.

Do you want to join me in helping a great cause?

Hot on the heels of LGBTQIA+ Month in February, I wanted to continue the conversation – increasing awareness whilst engaging in some fundraising activity! Such fun!

So, I’ll be raising money for LGBTQIA+ Charity Stonewall (Stonewall Equality Limited) throughout March 2022. To do this, I will be running 2km a day over the month for a total distance of 62km.

Every donation will help.

GoFundMe - Stonewall FundraiserI will be accompanied most days by my running coach, Bowie the Border Collie (see picture). So please help us to raise enough ‘chimkin’… I mean money… to keep the little doggo focused on his task.

Whilst the daily target is only 2km, the consistency of running every day will be challenging. As some of you know, I suffer with injuries to my nerves running down my right leg and joint issues.

Please consider donating to this great charity.

Founded in 1989, Stonewall is arguably the premier LGBTQIA+ charity. Their work has continually campaigned for equality, inclusivity, awareness and visibility – helping support a community of people who differ only through their gender and sexual identities.

Their work has helped campaign for inclusion of LGBT+ issues and history as part of the national curriculum, and they’ve been part of every major fight for LGBTQIA+ equality. This includes marriage equality, parental right recognition, equality in the age of consent, the right to adopt, and of course the abolition of ‘Section 28’.

There’s still much more work to be done…

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

Donations can be made through GoFundMe here.


Jo Fever is Fundraising for Macmillan Cancer:

Edit: Jo Fever managed to complete this fundraising challenge for Macmillan Cancer, having planked for 100.46 minutes during march! That’s the equivalent of planking through the film ‘Lost in Translation’ (probably more fun, honestly). Jo raised £235 for Macmillan Cancer Care.

Jo Fever is our Oxford Office Manager. During March she is taking part in a fundraising campaign for Macmillan Cancer. In Jo’s own words:

I am doing the Macmillan Cancer care Plank Challenge this month. Target was 3 mins but I’m now aiming for 4.5!! 1st March I did 1min 22secs, yesterday was 4mins 25secs, so I’m feeling strong 💪

If you can spare a couple of £ to help me raise a bit for this great cause that’d be fab 💚

You can donate through facebook fundraising here.