The Crown Court hears the most serious criminal cases and can naturally be a daunting place to find yourself, facing a Crown Court Judge and jury trial where the stakes are at their highest. It is no exaggeration to say that the outcome of your case can dramatically change the course of your life and it is obviously vital to know that you are in the safest and most capable hands. Our team have the expertise, combined with many years of experience, so that we are able to guide you and work with you, forensically preparing your case to ensure that it is presented it to its fullest potential.

Reeds Solicitors are able to offer you the benefit of our own integrated chambers. We do not just offer ‘in-house advocates’ but have sought to cultivate a highly respected team of experienced barristers and solicitor advocates – all of whom have been carefully selected by us based on performance – not only courtroom skills – but also for their dedication, judgment and absolute commitment to our client-centred approach.

While we continue to instruct Queen’s Counsel and specialist independent barristers where the case requires it, we believe that by instructing our own advocates, we are able to provide an unparalleled, and seamless service to our clients by combining the best practices and features of the independent bar with the support structure of an established law firm. In this way we can be sure that our clients are represented by an advocate who is part of our team, and who we know to be of quality, and we are able to avoid being at the mercy of a chambers clerk making a last-minute switch of representation.

Additionally, with the removal of any detachment between solicitor and barrister, our clients benefit from improved communication and increased contact with the person who will ultimately be presenting their case in court, something the ‘traditional model’ is not always able to deliver. Our advocates are frequently consulted while our clients are still in the police station stage, so you can be sure that your case is being expertly directed from the very beginning.

Our focus on excellence and the quality of our advocates is such that the members of our integrated Chambers are highly regarded by the courts where they regularly appear, receive instructions from other firms of solicitors and are regularly sought out directly by clients based on reputation.

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I've had the best experience with Andrei Kerkache. Super informative and always ready to help you whenever you needed. Really puts you at ease through the whole process.
Shuheb Hoque
Client Feedback Overall an excellent service. Rich Jones kept me informed of my rights and the ongoing process. He also helped me with my case to my total satisfaction.
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