The law relating to food safety and hygiene predominantly comes from Europe, and this by its nature means that it is an exceptionally complex area of law.  If therefore you find yourself under investigation by the Food Standards Agency or Local Authority, it is vital that you seek legal advice from a food law specialist who has the right skills and knowledge to be able to properly navigate the relevant regulations and legislation to fully protect your interests.

Examples of the types of failings that can lead to prosecution include the provision of food which is damaging to health or otherwise unfit for human consumption, falsely describing or presenting food, or failing to withdraw food which is not in compliance with food safety requirements.

Any business involved in the food industry needs to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards now more than ever.  Prosecutions for breaches of the food hygiene regulations are becoming increasingly prevalent and generally occur after numerous rigorous inspections.  A successful conviction could result in an unlimited fine, or even a term of imprisonment.

If you find yourself under investigation, in receipt of an enforcement notice or the subject of a prosecution by the Food Standards Agency, Local Authority, or Trading Standards, contact one of our specialist lawyers today.  We can assist you with representation at interviews under caution, making representations to the relevant enforcement agency, reviewing the evidence with you and carefully explaining the law, your options, and the consequences throughout.  For more information contact any one of our team, or alternatively you can click here to provide us with your details, and one of the team will get in touch with you.


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