Prisoners are categorised within the prison estate as either Category A, B, C or D, according to their “risk”. These four letters dictate which prison someone might be detained in, and whether or not they can be allowed out on temporary Licence. Understandably, many prisoners wish to progress to Category D conditions as quickly as possible, and the way to do this is progression through the Re-Categorisation process.

When a prisoner enters the prison system, they are assigned a risk category. After that, they will usually be subject to an annual review of their security category.

This Re-Categorisation process consists of professionals meeting to discuss a case in order to decide whether a prisoner should be assigned a different category or not. Solicitors are, unfortunately, not present for this meeting and in many cases neither are the prisoners themselves. However, to assist you in the process if you or a family member or friend are facing re-categorisation, we are able to advise you on the complicated procedures involved, as well as submitting written representations on your behalf.

This work is not covered under Legal Aid, but fixed fees can be agreed.

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