Any allegation of wrongdoing can be very worrying, and as a member of the Armed Forces, if you are accused of a criminal offence or a breach of orders; facing an interview under caution or a Courts Martial can be emotionally draining when your career or military record is at risk.

Our specialist team of lawyers at Reeds are experts in representing military personnel from the RAF, Army and Navy.  Our solicitors frequently attended bases throughout the UK and abroad to provide our clients with clear and honest, round the clock advice.  Dedication to our client-centred approach provides you with assurance that you are in the safest hands if you need representation for an investigation – whether under arrest or voluntarily, in relation to any criminal conduct offence such as:-

  • Offences involving violence (from common assault to homicide)
  • Offences involving dishonesty (theft, fraud etc.)
  • Possession of an offensive weapon, bladed article or firearm
  • Offences involving drugs
  • Motoring offences
  • Sexual offences

Or, any disciplinary allegation or service offence, including:-

  • Misconduct on operations
  • Absence without leave
  • Misconduct towards a superior officer
  • Failure to attend for, or perform, duty
  • Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline
  • Obstructing or failing to assist a service policeman
  • Contravening standing orders

For further detail see our pages dedicated to Military Personnel Assistance, or you can contact any one of our specialist team of solicitors, who can also give you advice about funding your case, as Legal Aid is generally available to fund your representation.  To make an enquiry, click here and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are facing a courts martial, our structure at Reeds also enables you to access one of our leading in house solicitor-advocates directly.

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