Within the Courts the phrase “child abduction” is used to describe a situation where a child is taken or detained abroad without the permission of the other parent.

If your child has been abducted by a stranger (namely someone other than a parent or legal guardian) then consider contacting the Police initially, as that person may in fact be committing a criminal offence.

If your child has been taken by a family member and you think your child is in England or Wales, then you will need to consider making an urgent application to the Family Court for his/her return. This can usually be achieved through the court making a Child Arrangements Order.

If your child has been abducted outside of England and Wales, then there are a number of different procedures which need to be followed to either prevent the removal happening, or to seek the urgent return of your child if they have already left the jurisdiction.

We can act quickly and sensitively to assist you with any of the scenarios mentioned above and have a team of experienced solicitors who can make urgent applications of this kind.

Due to the nature of these cases, it is not possible for us to offer fixed fees. Your costs would be calculated by reference to the hourly charging rate of the fee earner with conduct of your case, but we will always provide you with an estimate of the likely costs at the outset of your matter.

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