The sudden loss of a relative or friend is always tragic and difficult to deal with, and this is only made harder if you are concerned about the circumstances of a death. In such cases, it is not uncommon for a legal procedure called an inquest to be held, to establish the facts about the deceased person and where, when and how they died.

Part of the purpose of this procedure is to preserve the legal interests of the deceased person’s family or other interested parties. Our specialist lawyers at Reeds can help in giving advice and assistance to those who are directly affected by the loss of family members and loved ones.  We appreciate that these situations are difficult and stressful at a time when the grieving process has only just started. However our approachable team understand the importance of dealing with these cases sensitively, and our client centred-approach means that we will always put your interests at the forefront of the case, and will help you through his difficult process.

Our lawyers can make initial contact with the Coroner’s office and the relevant authorities and can assist you by analysing the relevant evidence, and by obtaining second opinions from medical experts and pathologists if necessary. We also represent the families and individuals with a vested interest at the inquest hearing before a Coroner sitting alone, or a jury empanelled by the Coroner.

For more information about advice and assistance, or representation at an Inquest, please contact any member of the team.  Alternatively you can click here to provide us with your details and one of our lawyers will contact you as soon as possible.


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