Money laundering relates to the “laundering” or cleaning of the proceeds of crime in order to make them appear legitimate.  In times of increasing scrutiny, the Anti-Money laundering system has a wide reach, and it is all too easy for even the most careful of professionals and companies to inadvertently find themselves facing an investigation or allegation relating to suspicious financial activity.

Money laundering can cover a very wide range of activity, varying in degrees of sophistication, but what is always consistent is the possibility of a lengthy term of imprisonment on conviction, as well as the potential for ensuing confiscation proceedings, cash forfeiture or restraint of assets.

If you have been accused of a money laundering offence, it is essential to seek legal advice from lawyers who are skilled and experienced in dealing with these cases.  Investigations can involve rigorous examination of finances and demanding interviews under caution, not to mention the potential for damage to your personal or professional reputation, or that of your business.

Our expert team at Reeds can provide you with the quality advice, assistance and representation you need if you are under investigation or being prosecuted.  We pride ourselves on ensuring that each case is considered with care, discretion, and with a strategic yet robust approach which ensures that reputational issues are minimised. We also have access to top financial experts, as well as our very own leading in-house barristers and solicitor advocates, carefully selected by us for their exceptional courtroom skills, dedication, judgement and commitment to our client-centred approach.  You can instruct one of them directly to deal with your case.  For more information, click here to be taken to our Chambers website.

For a discussion about how we can help you if you face investigation or prosecution for a money laundering offence, or breach, contact any member of the Corporate Crime team.  Alternatively you can click here and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

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