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“Angela Lewis is brilliant!”
“Best Solicitor in Northants.”
“Wouldn’t have any other Solicitor… Angela goes above and beyond and fights every corner of the case possible… no stone is left unturned.”
“Angela really cares; she genuinely cares about clients and getting justice.”
“Angela is one of the most hard-working, diligent and effective solicitors working in the criminal justice system. She has a huge range of experience having dealt with every type of offence at every level of seriousness. She is unswervingly committed to every client and does not stop until she has secured the best possible result.”

Areas of law:

Criminal Defence Solicitors, Youth Court, Police Station, Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, Appeals Against Conviction, Motoring Solicitors, Appeal Against Sentence, Fraud Solicitors, Criminal Law: Funding, Money Laundering Solicitor

Angela Lewis is a Solicitor in our Crime Department and will be based at our new Northampton office. Angela works on criminal law cases including representing clients from the police investigation stage, through to Magistrates and Crown Court proceedings. Angela obtains detailed instructions from clients, disclosure from the Police or Crown Prosecution Service, considers the evidence and its weight and provides thorough legal advice to her clients. Angela represents children at the Police Station and Youth Court/ adults at the Police Station and Magistrates Court, using particular care and attention, and ensuring no stone is left unturned when considering any defences, the client may have. Furthermore, Angela will ensure all evidence is tested vigorously and complete all actions relevant to the particular case; this includes conducting investigatory work, legal arguments, instructing experts, instructing interpreters, instructing intermediaries, instructing medical experts, obtaining witness statements, site visits, CCTV requests, checking arrests are right and lawful, checking police procedures at the investigatory stage, considering any statutory defences/defences in law, considering any mental health issues and fitness to plead, preparing cases fully for ether a guilty or not guilty plea, preparing fully for trial, conducting trials in a fully prepared and thorough manner.

Prior to joining Reeds, Angela trained as a Solicitor in Northamptonshire, qualified as a Duty Solicitor, and then became the Manager of the Magistrates Court Department for a local firm. Following this, Angela worked as Head of Crime at another local firm, before becoming a Consultant Solicitor whilst setting up her own firm. During her time as a Consultant, Angela also worked as an agent for the Crown Prosecution Service, completing trials in the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire areas. This role involved prosecuting Magistrates Court trials. Angela set up as a successful Sole Practitioner in Northamptonshire, having built up her own client base over several years. Another local firm was the successor of the Sole Practice and Angela later worked as a Solicitor there for almost 3 years.

Angela is an extremely caring and empathetic person. Angela is an excellent communicator, making clients feel at ease and well informed. Angela will ensure all clients, and in particular children and vulnerable persons, are treated appropriately by the Police and court system. Angela will ensure her communications and advice is tailored to the individual needs of the client, and additionally, ensure clients understand the evidence against them, the law, defences and more. Angela will advise fully on all stages between investigation and court proceedings, going that extra mile to secure the best results.

Angela Lewis’ Membership and Qualifications

  • Angela qualified as a Police Station Representative in 2008.
  • Angela qualified as a Solicitor and Duty Solicitor 2010.
  • Angela is a member of the CLAS, Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Notable Cases

R v A [2016]: The Magistrates found in favour of the defence of insanity and the case concluded on that basis. This was the first insanity defence of its type at that courthouse – in fact, Angela was advised that such a defence could not take place in the Magistrates, only the Crown Court. However, Angela provided all the relevant legislation and case law and successfully argued the defence of insanity.

R v W [2016]: Former deputy headteacher charged with indecent images of children and extreme pornography and bestiality offences. Defendant had an obsessive-compulsive disorder, so a leading expert was instructed, providing crucial evidence to the sentencing court. Although defendant was imprisoned, the expert evidence served to reduce this sentence significantly. Angela represented the client at the Magistrates Court and was the Crown Court litigator.

R v H [2017]: Angela dealt with this vulnerable defendant from the Magistrates Court stage through to the end of Crown Court trial. Angela was the litigator at the Crown Court. The case involved the abduction of two small children. The defendant suffered from severe mental health issues and so experts were instructed. Angela and Counsel secured the acquittal of the defendant. A huge amount of work was completed on this case, included walk throughs and videos for the jury of the alleged crime site, extensive witness statements and expert reports, fitness to plead checks and medical reports. Angela went above and beyond to secure the acquittal. The client was at risk of a Hospital Order or lengthy custodial sentence.

R v F [2015]: Leading advertising expert of the UK tried for sexual assault on train. Angela dealt with the Magistrates Court hearing and was the Crown Court litigator. Extensive work and research were completed on this case to secure an acquittal. Defendant stood to lose everything, and it was clear that the touching was inadvertent and not a sexual assault.

R v A [2021]: Harassment of the most senior member of police, involving a defendant with a brain injury. A high-profile case attracting vast media attention which was extremely challenging, involving complex medical issues and experts. Successfully obtained suspended sentence for the defendant, rather than an immediate custodial sentence.