The vast majority of us drive and have become dependent on our ability to drive as part of our daily life.

As such, where the DVLA revokes your driving licence it can be enormously disruptive.

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, the DVLA has the power to revoke a person’s driving licence if it has information that suggests that he or she is suffering from a “relevant disability”. This can include physical or mental health conditions which might impact upon a person’s ability to drive safely.  It can also include an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

If the DVLA has decided to revoke your driving licence, you have the right to appeal to a Magistrates Court against that decision. This appeal is made in England and Wales to the Magistrates Court, and must be made within six months of the notice from the DVLA revoking the licence.

We have a wealth of experience of assisting those who find themselves in this position. We can advise you of the evidence that you will require to argue your case and maximise your chances of successfully appealing this decision. This might include obtaining letters of reference, medical evidence or even statements from witnesses of fact.  We will engage with the DVLA on your behalf and in some cases, we can persuade the DVLA to reverse its decision prior to the full hearing simply by making written representations for you.

If the DVLA has revoked your licence it is vital that you contact a member of our team quickly.  Contact one of the team today, or alternatively, click here to provide us with your details, and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

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