Most people are very familiar with the concept of health and safety. The legislation it relates to covers most of our industries such as schools, farms, factories, hospitals and building sites.  The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) prosecute serious breaches of health and safety legislation. This legislation can apply to both individuals and companies, and covers an enormous range of potential offences.

The obligations placed on companies to adhere to the relevant health & safety legislation and to ensure that appropriate systems are in place to achieve compliance; have never been more demanding.  In the event of a successful prosecution, it is the level of blame attached to the company at fault which the Court considers the most important factor in deciding how large any fine should be.  As such, it follows that a company who is believed to have deliberately flouted the law and who has created the highest risk of harm or actual harm through intent or simply through disregard; is likely to find itself subjected to the largest fines.

Finding yourself or your business to be the subject of a HSE investigation is worrying. You will undoubtedly be concerned about the consequences of a conviction in terms of the punishment the Court may impose, but also about the damage that may be done to your personal and professional reputation, and whether your business can survive.

At Reeds our clients are the focal point of all our cases.  We tailor our advice to your circumstances, and always consider not only your personal interests, but those of your business in doing so.  Our experienced team of lawyers can assist you with any HSE investigation or prosecution and ensure that you have the specialist advice and representation you need to navigate the complexities of the Court process.  We have access to top barristers and QCs, and a network of leading industry experts to call upon should the need arise.

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