Appealing a conviction when you have been found guilty after a trial can be a confusing and frustrating process.  Whether you have been convicted in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court, there are always tight timescales to adhere to and complicated paperwork to complete.  Even the decision as to whether or to pursue an appeal or not can seem overwhelming, as the consequences of an unsuccessful appeal can be costly.

Our experienced team of lawyers can help you.  We will carefully consider all aspects of your case and provide you with the balanced and practical advice you need to help you decide whether you wish to appeal.  Should you choose to pursue an appeal against your conviction, we will meticulously prepare your case and ensure the best possible representation at Court to maximise your chances of success; guiding you through the process throughout.

If you are considering an appeal of any kind, be it from the Magistrates Court or from the Crown Court, it is vital that you contact us quickly, whether or not we acted for you in the first instance. There is no right to appeal out of time but we may be able to help with drafting reasons, where the deadline has passed.  We can deal with all the formalities and ensure that your case is properly considered, prepared and presented to the Court.  Or we can simply offer a valuable ‘second opinion’.  What you can be sure of is realistic, legally sound advice that will not leave you exposed to any further, avoidable risk.

We act on a privately paying basis only. We will always discuss with you what the case is likely to cost before you pay and will always aim to keep your costs as low as possible, ensuring you get value for money.

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