Many people have firearms for an entirely legitimate purpose, for example, where they are used as part of their employment, or even for recreational purposes.

However, the possession of a firearm without a firearms certificate is a very serious offence.

The Chief Officer of the Police for the area in which the certificate holder resides has the power to revoke the certificate in a number of instances.  This can include where there is reason to believe that the holder is of “intemperate habits” or “unsound mind”, or is otherwise unfit to be entrusted with a firearm.  Where the Police believe that the holder can no longer be permitted to have the firearm in their possession without danger to public safety or to the peace, then they will revoke the certificate.

The law relating to firearms licensing is complicated. There are many examples in case law where individuals have had their certificates revoked, even when there has been no suggestion that they have behaved irresponsibly with a firearm. By way of illustration, there are cases where a conviction for drink driving has been held by the Court to give sufficient basis for the Chief Officer to revoke a firearms certificate.  As such, specialist legal advice is essential, and our experienced team at Reeds are ideally placed to provide you with that.

If you have had your firearms certificate revoked you have a right to appeal that decision. The appeal is made to the Crown Court and the notice of appeal must be submitted within a strict deadline of you receiving the notice of the decision from the Police.  It is therefore vital that you contact us quickly for advice.  We can represent you at your appeal hearing, and help you to collect all the necessary evidence to give you the best possible chance of successfully contesting the decision made by the Police.

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