In 2008, the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (CMCHA) came into force in the UK, which introduced the offence of “corporate manslaughter” as it is known today.  It was created to provide a means of accountability for serious management failings across an organisation. The offence of corporate manslaughter is however, considerably wider in scope than it used to be and now includes liability for organisations which could never previously have been prosecuted for manslaughter, and is often used in conjunction with other health and safety legislation. If you or your company is facing investigation or prosecution, contact a specialist corporate manslaughter solicitor on 0333 240 7373, or email us at

Allegations following a work place fatality are naturally distressing and difficult for everyone concerned.  A company under investigation can face unlimited fines, remedial orders and publicity orders.  It is therefore vital to ensure that advice is sought from a specialist legal team, who understand the pressures placed upon your business, and who will work hard to minimise reputational damage and financial orders, whilst acting with the utmost sensitivity.

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