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Jemma Michaelson


City of London

0203 781 8400

Areas of law:

Criminal Defence Solicitors, Youth Court, Police Station, Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, Motoring Solicitors, Fraud Solicitors, Commercial Fraud and Serious Fraud Solicitor, FCA Investigation Solicitor, Corporate Manslaughter Solicitor, HMRC Investigation Solicitor, Intellectual Property Solicitor, Money Laundering Solicitor, Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Investigation

Jemma Michaelson is a solicitor in the Complex Crime team based in our London office. Jemma qualified as a solicitor in 2017. Jemma held the Law Society CLAS qualification and has been police station accredited since 2013, whilst still at University.  Jemma’s practice is now predominantly focused on complex Crown Court trials, from offences ranging from rape, attempted murder, bribery, drug supply and other complex matters.  Jemma still attends the Magistrates Court and Police Station regularly.

Jemma has prepared all types of criminal cases from Magistrates Court trials, to complex Crown Court trials, including high profile matters of rape, attempted murder, drug supply and complex fraud cases. Jemma provides clear, assertive advice to clients accused of various offences.

Jemma has significant experience and success in representing clients charged with the most serious offences. Jemma’s attention to detail and relentless pursuit of justice ensures that she is sought after and often referred the more complicated of cases, by clients and those within the profession.

Jemma is approachable and deals with clients with ease, from all backgrounds and walks of life. She is able to quickly identify pertinent issues in cases and rarely switches off, being available for clients and counsel at all times. Jemma takes pride in her client care, robust advice and case preparation.

Jemma is a dedicated advocate who will always work hard to ensure her clients receive the best outcome possible. Jemma is meticulous in her preparation meaning her cases are always handled with the utmost care. Jemma prides herself in providing excellent levels of client care for each case and recognises the difficult and often sensitive situations they find themselves in.

In accordance with the Solicitors’ Regulatory Transparency Rules for motoring offences we confirm that Jemma Michaelson Level A hourly rates.

Notable Cases

R v S [2024] Chelmsford Crown Court

Jemma secured Not Guilty verdicts for her client following a 12-day trial before Chelmsford Crown Court. Jemma’s client faced allegations of Fraudulent Evasion of a Prohibition, namely the importation of approximately 400 kilos of cannabis on two boats from Canada. The defendant was accused of being part of a group, including at least 4 others, who were not charged and had since seemingly fled, said to have been working as an OCG to import large quantities of cannabis from Canada to the UK. At least two of the suspects were known to be international drug smugglers. Our client’s name was all over the case, with his name and home address used to open companies to ship the boat. This was a complex case prosecuted by the National Crime Agency, with in excess of 11,000 pages served as evidence.


R v C [2023] Harrow Crown Court

Jemma represented a youth client before Harrow Crown Court. Jemma’s client was one of 7 defendants charged with Perverting the Course of Justice, in relation to a fatal shooting that took place in July 2022. Our client was alleged to have been part of a group that set the car used for the shooting on file. Following a 6-week trial, Jemma’s client was unanimously acquitted.


R v J [2023] Croydon Crown Court

Jemma’s client faced charged of rape from 2017, having been arrested for the same in 2019, against his niece, who was a child. Persistent perusal of relevant disclosure and detailed analysis and deployment of the unused obtained, allowed counsel to set out the foundations for the jury, showing the complainant to be less than reliable and to provide suggestable motive. The jury returned their verdict in under an hour following a six day trial. Jemma’s client was unanimously acquitted.


R v P [2023] Croydon Crown Court

Jemma secured a unanimous acquitted of her client charged with an historic offence of Rape, which had been hanging over him for nearly 30 years. The prosecution had already offered no evidence on two counts of indecent assault against the same complainant prior to trial. The complainant was the defendant’s first cousin and it was a delicate case, with 30 years of family history to be explored. Jemma managed to obtain a witness statement from a previously neutral member of the family, who then attended Court to give evidence for the defendant. The case involved obtaining 25 defence witness statements, from witnesses of fact to character evidence. The jury were in retirement for approximately 20 minutes, before returning unanimous verdicts following a 7-day trial.


R v F-R [2023] Inner London Crown Court

Jemma represented a defendant charged with Child Neglect & ABH before Inner London Crown Court. There had been expert evidence from the prosecution as to the nature of the injuries caused by the defendant to her child. Following a trial, her client was unanimously acquitted of the Child Neglect. There was a hung jury on the ABH charge and following representations made to the Prosecution by Jemma and counsel, no further re-trial was sought and the Defendant was formally acquitted of both charges.


R v S [2023] Lewes Crown Court

Represented a defendant in a multi-handed case charged with being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin. Following Jemma’s pro-active approach in chasing an old NRM and submitting a new NRM referral, along with expert reports, it transpired that, despite the police suggesting otherwise, our client was known to have been trafficked. Following service of these documents, the Crown offered no evidence.


R v D [2022] Woolwich Crown Court

Jemma represented a defendant charged with Child Cruelty and ABH against her disabled daughter. The defendant vehemently denied these charges. Jemma obtained a significant volume of material by way of unused and obtained the support of social services to reunite the family. Following stringent representations made by Jemma to the Prosecution, they formally offered no evidence against our client.


R v F [2022] Lewes Crown Court

Jemma obtained an acquittal after a trial whilst running the s.45 Modern Slavery Act defence. Jemma represented the defendant, who whilst was an adult during proceedings, was a youth at the time of the allegation, for a number of drug supply offences. The defendant had further cases in Essex & Hertfordshire. Despite significant changes in law around the Modern Slavery defence at the time, the defendant was acquitted following trial, and his matters in Essex and Hertfordshire were also dropped.


R v K & Others [2020] Snaresbrook Crown Court

Jemma represented a young female defendant of good character, for a conspiracy to kidnap and possession of criminal property. Defendant was acquitted following a successful half-time submission and her schedules of the unused material were used by co-defendants counsel in cross-examination of the OIC.


R v S & Others [2018] Isleworth Crown Court

Jemma represented a defendant in a multi-handed conspiracy to contravene immigration law. Jemma litigated the case in full from the police station stage, to trial, dealing with a page count of over 100,000. Jemma’s client was acquitted following a submission of no case to answer, just before final speeches.


Jemma has been the embodiment of professionalism Jemma has been the embodiment of professionalism, care and diligence throughout what has been the most difficult period of my life. I felt like I was in safe hands and... read more

Notable Cases

R v F [2022] Lewes Crown Court – Acquittal after trial whilst running the s.45 Modern Slavery Act defence. Represented an adult (as the litigator), who was a youth at the time, for a number of drug supply offences. Despite significant changes in the law around modern slavery, the defendant was acquitted following a trial.

R v B [2021] – Stratford Youth Court – Vulnerable youth represented in the youth court for being in possession of a bladed article. Defendant acquitted after the Crown offered no evidence on the morning of trial, due to Jemma identifying that the police had not following correct procedures whilst purporting to ID the defendant.

R v K & Others [2020] – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Litigated file in full. Represented a defendant for conspiracy to kidnap and being in possession of the proceeds of crime. Defendant acquitted following successful half time submission.

R v S [2018] Isleworth Crown Court – Represented a defendant in a multi-handed conspiracy to contravene immigration law. Litigated the case in full from the police station to trial, dealing with a page count of over 100,000 pages. Defendant acquitted following a submission of no case to answer, just before final speeches.