An investigation by the Serious Fraud Office or “SFO” can be a daunting experience. They are one of the few Government agencies in the UK who both investigate and prosecute cases, but they only do so for the most serious or complex of allegations of fraudulent activity. Their investigations can take years to conclude and can involve a series of challenging interviews under caution, the search of your home or business premises and seizure of your possessions.  If proceedings are ultimately brought, then the consequences of a conviction can be devastating to you, your business, or both.

The defence of cases being considered by the SFO requires the assistance of lawyers with specialist knowledge and skills.  Here at Reeds, our solicitors and barristers have a wealth of experience in dealing with SFO investigations and prosecutions.  We can arrange to attend interviews with you, and advise you on search warrants and restraint orders.  We will examine the evidence against you, and help you by devising a clear strategy for your defence at an early stage; even at your first interview, where decisions taken can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

If the worst should happen and you do face prosecution by the SFO, our expert team of lawyers at Reeds are routinely instructed to represent clients charged with the most serious and complex allegations of fraud, and have been instructed in some of the country’s largest cases.

If you have been contacted by the SFO in respect of an interview under caution; or if you have received notification of prosecution, contact one of the specialist fraud lawyers in our Corporate Crime team.  Alternatively, click here and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible.


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