Jon Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins

Partner & Solicitor Advocate


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Areas of law:

Criminal Defence Solicitors, Police Station, Magistrates’ Court, Appeal Against Sentence, Appeals Against Conviction, Corporate Crime

Jon Wilkins is a Partner at Reeds Solicitors specialising in Private & Serious Crime, Fraud and Motoring Law. He is also the founder of the #1 Motoring Solicitors brand, defending clients accused of motoring offences. Jon Wilkins has extensive experience in defending criminal cases with over two decades specialism in criminal law.

Jon defends prosecutions brought by the CPS, HSE, FCA, SFO, HMRC, Trading Standards, NRW & The Environment Agency. Representing Company Directors, HNWs, Sportspeople and professionals is his specialty. He also defends motoring offences and provides expert advice in the retention of a driving licence for private paying motorists.

He offers a bespoke service to HNWs, Company Directors, Professionals, Sportspeople and anyone to whom the defence of any criminal offence could have a life changing impact. Jon’s early involvement in a case can help prevent a prosecution and stop court proceedings.

More often than not, criminal allegations are brought at short notice and at a fast pace against high profile or HNW individuals – Jon advises upon crisis management, media involvement and/or press reporting where criminal allegations are instigated. He works closely with clients to ensure that a reputation is defended both in the criminal courts and in the media.

Jon has appeared upon national TV, Radio and is often quoted in the national press and media – he is regularly called upon by the national media to provide expert comment and opinion upon celebrity criminal and motoring cases.

A Solicitor Advocate with Higher Rights in the Crown Court, Jon is recognised as a Grade A Solicitor by the LAA for the purposes of Very High Cost Cases.  Earlier in his legal career, Jon Wilkins was a founding Partner of Grech Gooden Solicitors. The Legal 500 comments:

“The Partnership rises in the ranking, largely on the strength of the excellent reputation which Jon Wilkins has built up over recent years. He specialises in fraud and private crime cases, and continues to act in serious criminal matters.”

With a retained Queen’s Counsel and crisis management team on speed dial, Jon Wilkins is renowned for his professionalism and tactual acumen when defending his valued clients in criminal proceedings. His national reputation guarantees unrivalled access to the best criminal defence QCs, Barristers, Forensic Accountants, Medical experts in the UK.

Jon has the reputation of excellence amongst the legal profession in the defence of serious  criminal allegations and protecting his clients reputation in the defence of criminal prosecutions.

In accordance with the Solicitors’ Regulatory Transparency Rules for motoring offences we confirm that Jon Wilkins charges Level A hourly rates.


I had an excellent experience with Reeds Cardiff. Professional and clear advice pertaining to a criminal matter that had caused me a lot of stress. Particular thanks to Mr J... read more

Notable Cases

Regina v R: £30m Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering & POCA enquiry involving professionals across the City of London

Regina v S: £5M Conspiracy to commit Fraud prosecuted by CPS and the FCA

Regina v M : £18M VAT & Boiler Room Fraud investigated and prosecuted by a specialist department of The HMRC and Major Crime Unit. Lewes Crown Court.

Regina v P: Company Director charged with Gross Negligence Manslaughter. Cardiff Crown Court.

Regina v K: High Net Worth individual charged with Conspiracy to Cheat HMRC of VAT on an MTIC Fraud. Southwark Crown Court

Regina v H : Conspiracy to Cheat HMRC via a sideways tax relief scheme within the film prosecution industry. Southwark Crown Court.

Various Companies & Directors subject to Restraint Orders & POCA confiscation sought by SOCA, HMRC & CPS

Various high profile private paying clients facing prosecution for Road Traffic & motoring offences

Regina v O: £5M EU & Welsh Government Grant Fraud prosecuted by a CPS specialist Fraud Department. Cardiff Crown Court.

Regina v M : Conspiracy to Supply Drugs and launder money from London to the South-West by an infamous OCG. Prosecuted by the Regional Organised Crime Unit. Bristol Crown Court.

Regina v S : Company Director & associated Company prosecuted for Gross Negligence Manslaughter and breaches of the Health & Safety at Work Act and CDM Regulations by The HSE, CPS & Major Crime Team. Swansea Crown Court.

Regina v R : £20M Trans-Atlantic Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs and Money Laundering involving EncroChat, cell-site and attribution evidence.

A Group of Companies with a £2 Billion global turnover from Prosecution by a specialist department of The HSE.

Regina v P: Company Director charged with Gross Negligence Manslaughter. Cardiff Crown Court.

Regina v J : Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice. The UK’s largest case of alleged police corruption which spanned 3 decades and involved consideration of over 1 Million pages of prosecution evidence.

Premiership footballer charged with driving whilst intoxicated.

Premiership footballer charged with multiple speeding offences.

Premiership footballer accused of motoring offences.

International rugby player charged with assault and criminal damage.

Politician charged with motoring offences.

International rugby player charged with motoring offences.

Celebrity singer and songwriter charged with motoring offences.

High profile figure in the film production industry charged accused of serious criminal allegations.

Various Companies, Company Directors and High Net Worth clients accused of and charged with criminal offences resulting in an investigation and prosecution.

Fellow legal professionals accused of and charged with both criminal and motoring allegations.