Areas of law:

Crime and Investigation, Motoring Offences, Police Station, Magistrates’ Court, Appeal Against Sentence, Appeals Against Conviction, Corporate Crime


Jon is a Solicitor Advocate with a national presence, defending clients across England and Wales. Jon was previously a founding Partner at Grech Gooden Solicitors, the largest Criminal Law Firm in Wales before his departure.

He specialises in the defence of clients charged with fraud, conspiracy, serious criminal offences and motoring offences. Jon is the founder of #1 Motoring Solicitors a specialist brand defending motorists accused of motoring offences. He is recognised as a Grade A Solicitor by the Legal Aid Agency.

Jon acts for clients in both the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court, accepting instructions from clients facing prosecution by the CPS, HSE, FCA, SFO, HMRC, Trading Standards. He also defends clients accused of Environmental Offences. Jon works closely with a retained Queen’s Counsel, with whom advice on the can be sought immediately for the appropriate criminal offence.

Representing Company Directors & High Net Worth individuals is Jon’s speciality – he offers a bespoke service to individuals, company directors, businesses and to whom the defence of any criminal offence could have a life changing impact.

Having successfully defended professional sportsmen, members of the medical profession, fellow Solicitors and other professionals, Jon understands that for many of his clients (who have never experienced the criminal justice system) receiving the appropriate expert legal advice and representation at the right time can make the difference in the successful defence of a client’s case.

Notable Cases

Regina v R: £30m Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering & POCA enquiry involving professionals across the City of London

Regina v S: £5M Conspiracy to commit Fraud prosecuted by CPS and the FCA

Regina v H: £18m transcontinental VAT Fraud investigation by HMRC of a high net worth individual

Regina v P: Company Director charged with Gross Negligence Manslaughter. Cardiff Crown Court.

Regina v K : High Net Worth individual charged with Conspiracy to Cheat HMRC of VAT on an MTIC Fraud. Southwark Crown Court

Regina v H : Conspiracy to Cheat HMRC – sideways tax relief in the film production industry. Southwark Crown Court.

Various Companies & Directors subject to Restraint Orders & POCA confiscation sought by SOCA, HMRC & CPS

Various high profile private paying clients facing prosecution for Road Traffic & motoring offences