Reeds secure acquittal for client facing sexual offences

Reeds secure acquittal for client facing attempted murder

Reeds successfully argues against the imposition of an Interim Sexual Risk Order

Reeds Solicitors secure a not guilty verdict for client accused of burglary

Reeds Solicitors have an excellent result in the Court of Appeal

Reeds Solicitors successfully defend two clients facing allegations from the same alleged incident

Reeds Solicitors Successfully Defend Client Charged with Murder

Reeds Successfully Overturn DVLA’s Decision Not To Renew Client’s Driving Licence

Reeds Solicitors Successfully Defend Two Clients at Bristol Magistrates’ Court

Reeds Solicitors successfully defend client charged with drug offences

Reeds successfully defend client charged with conspiracy to defraud

Reeds make successful application to dismiss at the Central Criminal Court

Reeds successfully defend client following a trial at Harrow Crown Court

Reeds secure successful appeal at Leicester Crown Court

Reeds secure acquittal for client facing a 7-count indictment

Reeds secure acquittal following a 5-day trial at Cambridge Crown Court

Reeds Solicitors secure acquittal at Bradford Crown Court

Clare Galo successfully defends a client at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court

Successful acquittal in Milton Keynes Magistrates Court

John Lamb makes a successful application to dismiss at St Albans Crown Court

Successful appeal in case of contempt of Court

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The implications of late disclosure

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Outstanding results for Reeds in Operation Nautical

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Helen Chenery successfully defends alleged gang member at Luton Crown Court

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Should testing for EDS IV be considered in all cases concerning suspicions of non-accidental shaken babies?

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R V RH AND ANOTHER – Appeal Against Sentence