Our expert Prison Law team at Reeds are often instructed to help and advise individuals who have been recalled to custody.

If a prisoner has been given a standard custodial sentence, they can usually expect to serve one half in prison and the other half in the community on what is called a “licence”. This licence is extremely important, and carries with it certain conditions that a prisoner must adhere to until their licence expires. These include a basic condition “to be well behaved” and also specific conditions that have been agreed to manage a prisoner’s risk in the community. If they breach these conditions, they can be made subject to either a fixed term recall of 28 days, or a standard recall, where they could remain in custody for the remainder of their sentence.

If a prisoner has been recalled on licence, it is vital that you contact us immediately. Time is of the essence with recall cases, and the decision to recall can be challenged either on the papers, or at a hearing before the Parole Board. If a prisoner’s liberty has been restricted by a recall, Legal Aid is available.

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