As many practitioners will know, the Vice President of the Court of Protection, Mr Justice Hayden, published guidance last month on judicial visits to ‘P’*. Judges have long been willing to consider direct visits to P during the course of court proceedings but, as Mr Justice Hayden points out, the advent of remote hearings and the increasing use of technology over the past 2 years has provided increased opportunities for P to attend court hearings and meet with judges.

The guidance is a useful reminder for practitioners and judges that visits should be actively considered. There are many reasons why a judicial visit might be helpful, including, as Mr Justice Hayden highlights, as a sign of “respect for P’s dignity”.

That is an incredibly important point for practitioners to bear in mind.

What this means for Court of Protection in Bristol

We’re lucky in the Southwest to have a very active regional hub for Court of Protection in Bristol, with a considerable number of experienced COP judges.

Two of our Solicitors, Camille Ivinson and Natasha Lukies, have supported many Ps to meet with the judges deciding their cases, whether in person or by video. They hope this guidance will act as a springboard for more visits in the months to come. As the world opens back up again, it will also be important to start considering whether, for some clients, in person visits are preferable. As we establish our team for Court of Protection in Bristol, we look forward to working with all our local Court of Protection colleagues to find the best ways to support P to engage in their own cases.


*’P’ stands for the person who the court application is about.

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