American XL Bully Ban will begin to come into effect on 31st December 2023. From 1st February owning a Bully without an exemption will be a criminal offence. In response to the growing concerns expressed by Vets, Veterinary professionals, pet shop workers, and XL Bully owners regarding the upcoming ban on the American XL Bully breed, we have organised two webinars.

Given the confusing and stressful climate surrounding this impending legislation, the webinars aim to provide clarity and guidance to dog owners, as well as those who work with them and their dogs.

XL Bully Webinar: How to Register

7-8.30pm, Tuesday 12th December 2023
7-8.30pm, Thursday 18th January 2024

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American XL Bully - Webinar - Dec and Jan 23

Webinar Overview

On these webinars, a specialist Dog Law Solicitor, Barrister and a Dog Behavioural Expert will talk about the upcoming XL Bully ban, and provide insight and guidance for owners, or those that work with dogs (veterinary surgery, pet shop worker, dog groomer etc).

  • The law as it stands
  • Issues with the law as it is
  • The likely impact of the XL Bully Ban
  • The predicted issues with the implementation of the ban
  • What dog owners need to be aware of
  • What this means for vets, pet shop owners and those that work with dogs
  • Next Steps
  • Q&A

The Panel

Jennifer Kabała is a Solicitor who specialises in dog law, including dangerous dogs, animal welfare cases (including ear cropping) and certificate of exemption work. She is known for her understanding and compassionate approach to her cases, and has appeared on TV to discuss the upcoming American XL Bully Dog ban.

Mike Barnett is a dog behaviourist and trainer for all dog-related issues. As a police officer for over 30 years, he has served as a full time Dog Legislation Officer and has been involved in hundreds of dangerous dog and prohibited breed cases.

Professor John Cooper KC is a barrister at 25 Bedford Row Chambers. He was named by The Times as a star of the Criminal Bar and one of the Top 10 influential lawyers in the UK. John is considered as one of the most ‘effective cross-examiners’ at the bar, especially recognised for his work in cases which challenge the ‘Establishment’.

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