Largely, but by no means exclusively, the offences of theft; robbery; assault with intent to rob; burglary; aggravated burglary; going equipped; blackmail and handling stolen goods to name but a few, are governed by Theft Acts of 1968 and 1978.  They can vary in their seriousness depending on a range of factors, and as such some cases will remain in the Magistrates Court following a charge.  Some however are simply too serious to be heard there, and although they are heard routinely before the Crown Court, important concepts involved in them such as ‘appropriation’ and ‘intention to permanently deprive’ are not easily understood by some, and can all too easily be overlooked.

Our in-house advocates deal with these ‘acquisitive’ offences before the Crown Court on a very regular basis, and are able to offer anyone being investigated, or who has been charged with such an offence, expert advice as to the strength of an allegation and the potential defences to a particular charge.  We take a proactive approach to all our cases and thoroughly explore any potential defences; frequently utilising our network of renowned experts to examine forensic evidence including DNA and fingerprints; or to fully consider CCTV and employ the use of facial mapping techniques in issues of identification.

Where any allegation involving dishonesty is made, the repercussions for an individual can be enormous.  At their most serious, these offences carry significant sentences, not to mention the possibility of reputational damage.

Should you find yourself in the position where you are facing a serious allegation of dishonesty, our team of criminal barristers and solicitor-advocates are here to help, and you can be sure that the assistance you will receive is of the highest quality.

Our structure at Reeds means that it may also be possible to instruct one of our highly regarded solicitors if your case is to remain at the Magistrates Court. For more information about how we can assist, click here and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

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