Murder and manslaughter are arguably the most serious offences that are ever heard in the Crown Court.  Often attracting significant media attention, these cases are fraught with difficulties and require very careful handling.  Issues relating to state of mind and constant developments in forensic techniques and evidence, mean that anyone facing these allegations needs robust representation from specialists who have the skills to be able to quickly identify the issues in the case and to know how to present those appropriately to a Judge or jury.

At Reeds, our team of leading in-house barristers and solicitor-advocates are frequently instructed to represent defendants charged with either murder or manslaughter, and as such have developed a wealth of experience in this highly specialised area of criminal defence law.

Proceedings concerning homicide offences tend to involve extremely detailed Police investigations, often in combination with the latest forensic techniques, such as in DNA, finger print evidence, blood spattering, firearms analysis or even, in one of our recent high-profile cases, the dating and identification of historical soil samples. Our long experience of dealing with such matters means that we have developed excellent working relationships with the best qualified scientific, medical and forensic experts in their respective fields; an essential part of being able to effectively deal with the sort of highly complex issues that arise in cases of this type.

It requires particular levels of skill, confidence, and seniority to handle cases of this nature and in particular, to properly represent defendants in the inevitably heightened emotional atmosphere of a murder trial.

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