A private prosecution is a prosecution which is started by a private individual, or a body which is not acting on behalf of the Police, or prosecuting authority.  The law gives every individual the right to bring such a prosecution, and it is a right which is being exercised increasingly frequently.

Pressures on the Police and on prosecuting agencies mean that as a victim of wrongdoing, sometimes you won’t feel like justice has been done.  This might be because you have been told that a prosecution can’t happen for reasons such as insufficient evidence, or an unrealistic prospect of conviction.  It may be because the usual prosecuting authorities simply feel that it would be against the public interest for a prosecution to be brought and that you want a second opinion. It may be that you simply want the assurance that a prosecution on your behalf will actively involve you, and that it will be prepared and presented expertly, with your input.

The Crown Prosecution Service have the power in many situations to assume conduct of any prosecution brought privately, but even if that should happen, by bringing a prosecution privately, you can truly feel part of the case, and can be satisfied that you have received detailed and pragmatic legal advice, and have had specialist help in getting your case off the ground.

Our in-house team of barristers and solicitor-advocates have all been carefully selected by us based on performance – not only courtroom skills – but also for their dedication, judgement and absolute commitment to our client-centred approach, and they use these talents to ensure that you are given realistic and honest advice about the prospect of any private prosecution and the procedures involved.  You will have the benefit of their years of courtroom and advisory experience, as well as their specialist defence knowledge which will ensure that they can give you an insight into how your prosecution might be defended at each stage.

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