Rob Jacques


“Your delivery to the judge was accurate, sympathetic, with many mitigating facts, and resulted in a very light sentence. Your expertise and professional skill was very much appreciated.”
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Rob Jacques

Solicitor & Team Leader


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Areas of law:

Magistrates’ Court, Police Station, Youth Court, Crime and Investigation

Rob is a solicitor, and leads the Magistrates Court team based at our Reading Office.  Rob is an extremely experienced duty solicitor and has provided advice to clients both at the Police Station and in the Magistrates Court for over 25 years, having joined Reeds from J C Wroe where he was a Partner.

Prior to his work within the field of criminal defence, Rob spent a number of years as a solicitor specialising in the field of mental health law, and was a member of Law Society Mental Health Panel.

He is an accomplished and sought after advocate, and excels particularly at constructing and presenting persuasive arguments to the Court on behalf of clients who are awaiting sentence.  As a highly knowledgeable solicitor, Rob always approaches his cases with a keen eye for strategy, and is able to offer his clients not only the benefit of his vast legal expertise, but also provide them with sound tactical advice throughout their case in order to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

Rob is passionate about the provision of high quality legal services to all clients, regardless of their circumstances, and throughout his years in practice has inevitably built and maintained a loyal following of clients as a result.

In accordance with the Solicitors’ Regulatory Transparency Rules for motoring offences we confirm that Rob Jacques charges Level A hourly rates.

Notable Cases

R v A - acted for Defendant on a murder charge where he became a “Supergrass”. Acquitted of murder, receiving a total of 5 years imprisonment for a range of offences for which he would ordinarily have received approaching 25 years.

R v D - acted for a client who had been employed as an accountant and had stolen in excess of £20,000 from her employers in a sophisticated manner over a long period of time. The money had been spent on IVF treatment and she was pregnant with triplets at the time of sentence. Received a suspended sentence.