Ben Dishot


“I wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. I appreciate your help on the matter, you made me feel reassured and comfortable.”

Ben Dishot

Paralegal & Accredited Police Station Representative

Milton Keynes

01908 926 060

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Areas of law:

Crime and Investigation, Magistrates’ Court

Ben is a paralegal within the Magistrates Court team, based at our Milton Keynes office.  Prior to joining Reeds, Ben worked for Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) for 15 years in a variety of roles, including enforcement, area management and as a Court Clerk.

His time within HMCTS has enabled Ben to acquire an exceptional understanding of the inner workings of the Court system, the procedures involved, and how the legal system operates when a case reaches Court; Ben has the ability to identify potential issues within a case before they arise. His specialist knowledge enables him to provide the team with invaluable assistance in the preparation of cases for Court, which involves conducting appointments with clients and witnesses in order to draft proofs and witness statements, whilst having in mind the types of questions likely to arise under cross-examination at trial.  Ben is also proficient in identifying cases that may require expert evidence, as a result of which he has sought and instructed many experts in a wide range of matters from toxicology to DNA evidence. Ben is also an Accredited Police Station Representative and has represented many clients in a vast array of cases, ranging from the most serious.

Ben is able to identify issues quickly and be decisive in his approach, ensuring that the legal interests of the clients he represents are safeguarded at all times.  His advice is clear, thorough and he is able to put clients at ease quickly as well as ensure that they fully understand the process from the very start.  Ben is adept at building a rapport with the clients he assists, and this has resulted in him being specifically requested at the police station by those who have been arrested or are voluntarily interviewed.