Areas of law:

Crime and Investigation, Magistrates’ Court, Police Station, Youth Court, Motoring Solicitors

Nicole is a solicitor in the Magistrates Court team based at our office in St Albans. As a qualified duty solicitor, Nicole regularly represent clients at Stevenage and St Albans Magistrates’ Courts, as well as providing advice and assistance to clients detained at police stations in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

She advises on the law and procedure from initial arrest and investigation stage, and throughout the Magistrates Court in the event of a prosecution.  Nicole has particular experience in representing vulnerable clients such as those who have mental health conditions, and juveniles. She understands how complex and daunting the criminal justice system can appear to her clients and therefore aims to ensure that they experience as little stress as possible in the circumstances, by taking care to explain everything in a way that they can understand.  Nicole finds it easy to build a rapport with people and to make persuasive arguments in court.

Nicole also understands that there are many situations where the boundaries of law can be tested and it is not always readily apparent whether someone is guilty or not guilty.  She is a lawyer who is passionate and highly motivated to achieve the best result for her clients, and prepares her cases with the utmost care.

Notable Cases

R v JR – Defendant had diagnoses of PTSD, depression, anxiety and epilepsy. He was the victim of a wounding with intent, the circumstances being he was stabbed to the head. After being stabbed it was alleged that he approached his attacker and a further fight took place. He was arrested for common assault on this male. The defendant was interviewed without legal representation and without an appropriate adult. Nicole drafted a skeleton argument to exclude the interview under s78 and served written representations as to the continued prosecution of the case. The case was discontinued prior to trial.

R v CW – Defendant (16yo) charged with the false imprisonment of his mother. All police officers who attended the scene referred to him as having some kind of mental health or drug induced psychosis. The Defendant was remanded at his first hearing and subsequently refused to leave his cell to attend court or appointments with professionals. When he did attend, he requested that a bail application be made on his behalf. In court, Nicole identified the issues in the case and made a full bail application on his behalf which was granted with strict conditions. The case was later discontinued.

R v PW – Defendant had severe learning difficulties and had been charged with sexual assault. At his first hearing he was attended by 2 care workers with whom he could converse but he was reticent to speak to anybody unknown to him. As he would be required to enter court and identify himself before an audience of people unknown to him, Nicole sought to make him more at ease. She was able to build a rapport with him and throughout the duration of the case built a trusting relationship with him and was able to obtain full instructions to prepare his case.

R v LM – Defendant charged with driving over the prescribed drug limit. She raised a defence of post driving consumption. Expert witness reports were obtained. The case proceeded to trial. Nicole made a successful argument regarding non-disclosure of key evidence forcing the prosecution to apply to adjourn the trial. The Magistrates agreed that it was not in the public interest for the matter to be adjourned and the prosecution offered no evidence.