Mike Garvey

Solicitor, Team Leader and Higher Rights Advocate


01163 668 500 / 07879 881 988

Areas of law:

Crime and Investigation

Mike Garvey is a Solicitor and Higher Rights Advocate, and also the Team Leader of our criminal team based in Leicester. Mike’s main work is in the Crown Court; he deals with all kinds of cases, from straightforward pleas, mentions and sentencing to fully contested trials lasting many days. In the last couple of years, even under Covid restrictions which have limited the type and size of cases that make it to trial, Mike has successfully defended two separate cases of attempted murder, as well as conducting many other trials for matters of violence. There is also a seemingly never-ending list of sexual offences.

In addition to this, Mike also does occasional work in the police station and magistrates’ courts attendances, ensuring that his Duty status and slot is maintained.

Mike has a very supportive and approachable nature and has built a good rapport with his colleagues and the wider legal community. Referrals that have come from judges, JPs and other local persons of note show the good name that has been built up over a sustained period.

Mike is a good communicator and a good trial advocate, which makes his clients feel at ease during their case.

Notable Cases

A, Barker & B v Leicester Crown Court (2012) EWHC 4381 (Admin) - I was litigator in a successful application for judicial review in a case involving a group of youths who were committed to the Crown Court for trial with an adult. The adult pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and the youths were remitted (incorrectly) to stand trial in the youth court. I was advocate in the youth court, but they were convicted, so the case made its way back to the Crown Court for appeal, at which point it ground to a halt because of the defective process involved.

R v Greenhalgh 2015 LCC – client not fit to plead following a disabling stroke. Accused of sexual offences against his wife and children at a time before his stroke. Represented him on a fact finding hearing, and succeeded in having some allegations dismissed.

R v Newitt 2016 LCC - young child accused grandfather of inappropriate touching. Acquitted all counts after trial involving cross-examination of the child, and calling a number of his other grandchildren to act as character references for him.

R v Lord 2017 LCC – man in his 60s accused of raping his girlfriend x3 when both were teenagers in 1966. Acquitted on one count, hung jury on others. Retrial 10 months later and acquitted on both remaining counts.

R v Truscott 2018 LCC – woman in her 50s accused of colluding with her brother in the sexual assault and rape of her daughter 30+ years previously. Convicted after trial. Appeared to be clearly under the influence of the predatory brother, but refused to pursue that as a line of defence.

R v McIntosh 2020 LCC M was accused of attempting to murder his step-daughter’s boyfriend. He argued that he had acted in self-defence when inflicting a number of wounds to the head neck and body of the complainant, believing that he was about to be attacked with a knife. The complainant was in fact unarmed. Acquitted after 6 day trial.

R v Costello 2021 LCC - C and his co-defendant faced a 6 day trial for attempted murder following a near fatal stabbing. The issue was joint enterprise. The coD had inflicted the injury. The jury had to consider C’s part in the incident. Despite admitting that he had possession of a large weapon, and that he was present at the scene, and that he held animosity towards the victim because of an earlier incident, he was acquitted.