Mena Romano

Mena Hales

Crown Court & Police Station Administrator

Leighton Buzzard

01908 325620 x 6348

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Mena is a Police Station and Crown Court Administrator at our busy Leighton Buzzard office. She joined Reeds in 2016 from Blaser Mills LLP and assist both the Crown Court case workers and Police Station representatives with the administrative side of things

She has previously worked within the criminal defence field for a number of years, gradually expanding her knowledge and building up a wealth of experience, working closely with our lawyers on some of our most high profile and serious cases.  Mena has experience supporting our lawyers in gathering evidence to assist in providing advice on appeals against conviction and sentence from the Crown Court, often for serious offences such as murder.  She has also been involved in complex cases with voluminous paperwork such as serious fraud and drugs conspiracies, where her eye for detail and ability to carefully assimilate vast amounts of evidence has proved to be invaluable.

Mena is able to liaise confidently between clients and their representatives in court, and time and time again has proved to be a true reassurance to clients facing jury trials.

In accordance with the Solicitors’ Regulatory Transparency Rules for motoring offences we confirm that Mena Hales charges Level C hourly rates.