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Jonathan Lewis

Solicitor Advocate


01225 438 648

Areas of law:

Crime and Investigation

Jonathan is a Solicitor Advocate based in the Magistrates Court team at our office in Melksham. He is a duty solicitor and accredited Police Station representative. With a genuine passion for advocacy, Jonathan represents clients in a range of Court hearings, but his specialism lies in the conduct of trials across the spectrum of criminal offences within the Magistrates Court; where his commitment to thorough preparation, and shrewd and tactical advocacy, often produces excellent results.

Having gained significant experience within Crown Court teams at other criminal defence firms before joining Reeds, Jonathan is equally adept and enthusiastic in utilising his skills in the Crown Court arena, and also therefore assists the team in our integrated Bristol chambers, to similar effect.

Jonathan has a reputation for making considered and persuasive speeches at the conclusion of his cases, and demonstrates absolute dedication in asserting and preserving his client’s position in order to achieve the best possible outcome he can in every case that he conducts.

In accordance with the Solicitors’ Regulatory Transparency Rules for motoring offences we confirm that Jonathan Lewis charges Level A hourly rates.


Higher rights of audience (crime)

Duty solicitor

Police station accreditation

Notable Cases

R v G [2018]: Bristol Crown Court. Defendant tried to sexual grooming. Trial judge praised defence closing speech in open court as “faultless” despite the defendant being convicted.

R v P [2016]: Oxford Crown Court. Four defendants jointly charged with ABH. Cutthroat defence by the client who faced cross-examination by counsel for the co-accused in addition to the crown. Acquitted.

R v M [2016]: Reading Crown Court. Mental health nurse of good character accused of ill-treating and assaulting mentally handicapped young patient. Acquitted.

R v P [2016,]: Worcester Crown Court,. Possession of disguised firearm (stun gun). Polish National. Mandatory five year minimum term avoided. Suspended sentence of two years imposed.

R v D, 2015. Gloucester Crown Court. Conspiracy to commit fraud. Multiple RTA fraud. Acquitted.

R v M 2015, Oxford Crown Court. PWITS. Heroin found in the dashboard of the car. Acquitted.