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“Heulwen was so friendly and helpful, she really made me feel at ease and the process much less stressful. Cannot thank her enough!”
“Thank you for the great advice and being there for me. You made the process bearable and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Heulwen Everton

Trainee Solicitor & Police Station Representative


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Areas of law:

Police Station, Magistrates’ Court, Youth Court

Heulwen is an accredited police station representative and paralegal within the Magistrates Court at our office in Reading.

In her role as an accredited representative, she advises clients detained at the Police Station and appearing voluntarily in a vast range of investigations, including sexual offences such as rape; serious VAT fraud; serious assaults including s.18 GBH, firearms offences, kidnap, robbery, computer related offences, and drugs offences including conspiracy to supply.  Furthermore, Heulwen is requested by name by individuals facing investigation in respect of military matters, as well as having received many referrals to assist others in this area.  Her experience within that field lies in her dealing with cases from assaults through to specific military issues such as negligence of duties.  In addition, she frequently deals with matters investigated by the local authority, such as benefit fraud, and has successfully secured cautions and administrative penalties for clients who would otherwise have been facing prosecution. Whatever the nature of the investigation, Heulwen is extremely driven and passionate in her defence of clients, and the protection of their rights in custody.

As a paralegal, Heulwen assists the busy Magistrates Court team in the preparation of criminal cases before the Courts.  With a highly analytical in approach to cases, she has a keen eye for detail and for often, subtle legal issues.  She takes on key areas of work in case preparation, such as taking witness statements, reviewing prosecution evidence including CCTV footage and body worn footage, and considering the potential need to instruct experts, dependent on the nature of the case.

Her previous experience as a senior paralegal means that Heulwen is particularly adept at understanding clients from a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from youths and vulnerable clients to executives and business professionals involved in white collar crime.  She is frequently described as approachable and personable, and clients can be assured of being able to rely on her to help put them at ease, often in understandably difficult circumstances.

Notable Cases

R v ML, Oxford Crown Court – A case of alleged benefit fraud totalling over £50,000 whereby the defendant was extremely vulnerable and suffered from serious mental health issues as a result of her traumatic past. Drafted detailed written representations for the matter to be discontinued which succeeded at the Crown Court stage following the instruction of two medical experts.

• Matter of MACR Hicks – Summary Appeal Against Conviction – Represented the client at an interview under caution with the RAF police in respect of an allegation of Negligence of Duties. Successfully litigated the client’s appeal to the Court Martial against said conviction at summary level. The client’s appeal was granted as a result of the detailed and meticulous preparation including site visits and obtaining defence witness statements which supported the client’s account.

R v L, Oxford Crown Court – Litigated the case of a Father accused of historical rape of his daughter throughout her teenage years who was acquitted following a week-long trial.

R v E and others, Stafford Crown Court – Assisted in the preparation of the client’s defence in respect of riots at YOI Swinfen Hall in 2015. The incident was captured on CCTV and involved reviewing hours of footage showing the 8 defendants. The client was one of only two defendants acquitted following trial