Chris Coleman

Solicitor Advocate


01452 502 630

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Areas of law:

Prisoner Assistance, Magistrates’ Court, Youth Court, Appeals Against Conviction, Crime and Investigation, Motoring Solicitors

Chris is a Solicitor Advocate currently based within our Magistrates Court team at our office in Gloucester. Chris deals with the full spectrum of criminal offences up to and including serious sexual offences and murder, and represents clients at the Police Station, Magistrates Court and Youth Court. Prior to joining Reeds, Chris also amassed significant experience representing clients in the Crown Court.

Chris is also a member of our Prison Law team. His role sees him routinely attending prisons throughout the UK to take instructions from clients and represent them in respect of recall, adjudications and parole.

As a naturally adept communicator, Chris can quickly establish a relationship with his clients which allows them to both trust him and have confidence in his advice. He does everything he can to put people at ease and give clear and accurate advice as he recognises that the proceedings they face are very significant to them. He is prepared to fight to get the best outcome for his clients at every stage of the process. Chris has an impressive record in terms of his Court advocacy, especially in respect of bail applications and sentence hearings.