“"I would like to say how wonderful Chris Birchall is, as a person and a solicitor. He really cares, and is kind and compassionate. I can't thank Chris enough.””
““The approach you took was very helpful and reassuring.””
““Chris, thank you so much for your professional help, I do wish there were more geezers like yourself…maybe a clone Chris Birchall project could be a good investment.””

Areas of law:

Crime and Investigation, Police Station, Magistrates’ Court, Motoring Solicitors, Youth Court

Chris is a duty solicitor and works within the Magistrates Court team at our office in Milton Keynes.  With over 35 years’ experience, Chris has represented clients at the Magistrates Court and Police station in a wide range of criminal cases, from motoring offences, through to murder.  His local knowledge and long-standing reputation in the Milton Keynes area, means that he has inevitably accumulated a loyal client base, and maintains excellent working relationships with other professionals within the local criminal justice system.

Chris places great importance in putting clients and their families at ease during what is inevitably a stressful time for them. His experience helps him relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  His professional ethos is based upon assessing each case on its merits without the inevitable pressures applied by third parties, particularly the police or CPS; to obtain the best outcome for his clients. Chris prides himself on guiding his clients through their court case or Police investigation as comfortably as possible, keeping them fully informed throughout the process and often making himself available to them at any time to deal with any queries or concerns they may have.