Reeds is an established, progressive and successful legal practice, where our ethos is a genuine dedication to the provision of quality legal services to our clients.

It is with that in mind that we have developed so as to be able to offer our clients the unique benefit of our own integrated Chambers.

The Public Access or “Direct Access” scheme operated by the Bar Council allows individuals to instruct barristers directly for certain cases should they so wish, rather than going through a solicitor, which is the traditional route to accessing counsel.

At Reeds, we wanted to give our clients even more than that, harnessing both the litigation skills and administrative efficiency of a traditional law firm alongside the specialist advocacy skills of the Bar.  Why pay for a barrister to litigate a case when it can be done by someone with more experience, more cost-effectively?  We wanted to put that choice and flexibility of approach back into the hands of our clients – and in doing so developed a brand new way of accessing legal services.

Not only can our clients access our services through the traditional route, but they can choose to instruct a member of our integrated chambers directly.  This brings all the same benefits that the Public/Direct Access scheme does, but with the additional advantage of our Chambers being fully supported by an established and successful firm of solicitors; experts not only in criminal litigation, but also in the provision of advice and representation at the Police Station and Magistrates Courts.

Simply put, our innovative structure puts you in control of choosing your barrister, but at the same time ensuring that you get the right advice, from the right person, at the right time – all from one legal practice.

With the removal of any traditional detachment between solicitor and barrister, our clients can benefit not only from more cost-effective representation, but also from improved communication and increased contact with the person who will ultimately be presenting their case in court; something that the ‘traditional model’ is not always able to deliver.

While we still instruct Queen’s Counsel and specialist independent barristers where the case requires it, we believe that by instructing our own advocates we are able to provide an unparalleled, and seamless service to our clients through our successful fusion of the legal profession.