Many motoring offences are dealt with in the Magistrates Court, but it is not always possible to secure Legal Aid funding for them.  In these cases, our clients may decide to secure the services of one of our experienced advocates to assist them, since the consequences of losing your licence can be far-reaching for your business, your livelihood and/or your personal life, and there may be technical defences or expert evidence which can be deployed on your behalf.  Seeking advice and representation from an experienced lawyer can often make the difference between keeping your licence and losing it.

In addition to those offences dealt with in the Magistrates Court, there are also those of a more serious nature which will inevitably find their way into the Crown Court.

These might include offences of dangerous driving, causing serious injury by dangerous driving, or offences resulting in death such as dangerous driving or careless driving – including instances where excessive alcohol or illegal drugs have been consumed.  Such cases require skilful presentation and handling with the utmost sensitivity, since there will inevitably be high emotion.

Contested cases will frequently require the instruction of experts to challenge findings made by a collision investigator, or sometimes to recreate an accident scene.  Mechanical inspections and investigations of the vehicles in question may also need to be undertaken.  We have established links with renowned experts whose opinions we can trust and who we can call upon in such cases.

Cases involving catastrophic consequences through driving which may only ‘fall short’ of the standard of the reasonable and competent driver are particularly controversial.  Drivers make mistakes every day and these kind of offences really can be committed by anyone after a relatively low-level error of judgment – perhaps just the decision to drive despite being tired…

Reeds advocates have many years of experience dealing with cases of this kind and are highly regarded for the wealth of expertise and pragmatism they can bring to your case.  Even if you have your insurance which covers legal costs, it may be that we can be instructed by your insurer as opposed to a panel lawyer, so you can be sure that you have the best quality defence team working for you.

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