Human Trafficking has become a global issue, with recent estimates suggesting that at the present time well over a million people have been transported across borders into developed countries and then sold like commodities, either having experienced, or for the purposes of, some form of exploitation. The UK authorities have reacted accordingly, in recent years signing up to a number of International Conventions and Protocols designed to prohibit such trade as well as enacting legislation for the purposes of prosecuting such matters. Recent amendments to the Sexual Offences Act have tightened up those parts of the original Act which specifically criminalised the trafficking of individuals both into and within the UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation, while the Modern Slavery Act of 2015 provides for a number of offences concerning the trafficking and exploitation of people generally.

Cases of this type are notoriously difficult. They tend to be complex, ‘paper-heavy’ and the range of criminality encompassed can be wide-ranging.  Typically they will involve long and detailed investigations, and frequently cross jurisdictions.  Triggering disclosure and sifting through it is a skill in itself.  They can be highly emotive, often involving serious allegations of violence or sexual offences in addition to the charges of trafficking and exploitation that are central to the case. Alleged victims often need to be handled sensitively, but at the same robustly. Defending such cases therefore requires not just excellent preparation skills and real expertise in the court room, but also first-hand experience of the issues that arise in this specialised area. Here at Reeds we have senior counsel with up-to-date experience and an excellent reputation for the results they have achieved in this rapidly developing ‘hot-topic’ area of the criminal law.

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