Arrangements for Children

We know how important your children are to you, and that your main concern in the event of any relationship breakdown, will be to protect their wellbeing.

Our specialist team of solicitors at Reeds can advise you on the best practical solutions when a relationship has broken down in terms of arrangements for your children; with their welfare being the primary focus. We will ensure that you are fully aware of your legal rights and responsibilities, concerning issues such as parental responsibility, contact and residence. Family Court orders which reflect such matters are called Child Arrangement Orders.

Many of our lawyers are accredited members of the Law Society’s Children Panel which means that we have been recognised by the Law Society as having the necessary skills and experience to act for children in Family Court proceedings.

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Legal Aid can be available for these cases, please contact us to discuss your eligibility. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid then the following fixed fee packages can be provided:

Children – Negotiation and Mediation – £99.00 plus VAT

  • Sending correspondence to your former partner putting forward your proposals for your child(ren) and/or setting out your concerns regarding them;
  • Dealing with the letter that we receive in response;
  • Discussing with you the options available;
  • Making a referral to mediation on your behalf (if appropriate).

Children – Advice following Mediation – £150.00 plus VAT*

  • Advising you as to the outcome of Mediation
  • Drafting a Consent Order/Agreement (as appropriate) in relation to arrangements for children

*This package will be appropriate if you have attended mediation and wish to discuss the agreement reached, and to formalise it (if possible) with the Court.

Children – Assistance with an application – £150.00 plus VAT

  • Assisting you in preparing an application for a Child Arrangements Order, Prohibited Steps Order, Specific Issue Order or Parental Responsibility Order (C1) ready for you to file at Court;
  • Preparing the supplemental form if required

Children – Representation – £700.00 plus VAT

  • Preparing your application for a Child Arrangements order, Prohibited Steps Order, Specific Issue Order or Parental Responsibility Order;
  • Preparing the supplemental information form if required;
  • Filing the applications at Court on your behalf;
  • Notifying you of the Court date;
  • Arranging for your former partner to be served with the applications, and notifying them of the Court date*

(*note that this could mean an additional cost of instructing a process server)

  • Attending the First Directions Appointment with you
  • Considering the Safeguarding report prepared by Cafcass;
  • Negotiating on your behalf at the Court hearing, and advising and assisting you throughout;
  • Drafting the Order on your behalf at Court, if required to do so;
  • Confirming in writing the outcome of the Court hearing.

For all fixed fees requiring a Court application, the Court fee of £215 is also required.


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