Mental Health Supervisors required

Reeds Solicitors is looking for Mental Health supervisors to help us obtain and service mental health legal aid contracts across our current offices and, for the right candidate, beyond.

For anyone who doesn’t know about us, we are an employee-centric modern and progressive firm who put client care and our reputation at the very core of what we do. We appreciate that our employees want job satisfaction and career progression and welcome candidates as ambitious as us.

As always, any communication will be kept completely confidential no matter what the outcome. I am happy to speak to anyone, no matter what the level of interest so please don’t think you would be wasting my time by getting in touch. We don’t have any trade secrets to give away so are pretty open to just having a chat.

Anyone interested feel free to email me at

For any recruiters reading this, please wait until the 14th July to email me any candidates that you have as any emails before that date will not be read. After that date I will accept applications from recruiters. Any candidate that contacts me as a result of this post will be considered to have approached me independently, with proof being provided where necessary.